Thumb hover effects

FW Gallery offers 2 attractive on hover effects, Ken Burns and Enlarge (Linear) effect. Add attractive on hover effects to your galleries to gain visitors attention and improve user experience. When the image is hovered over, the image looks like it is coming off the page or moves gently, but remains locked within the frame.

Video Autoplay feature allows playing video files on hover, which can be handy for a brief files overview.

Bird (enlarge)
June 11, 2021
demo demo
Enlarge hover effect
1920*1277px 410.87 Kb
Wild owl (ken burns)
June 12, 2021
demo demo
Ken Burns hover effect
1920*1280px 322.32 Kb
Video by TriumphRainbow. Samsung NX1, Pilotfly H2,StageOne Plus Slider
Music Licensed through iLicenseMusic: An Open Way by Angelight
04:10 1280 * 720px